Since 1991, Alicat Scientific has manufactured custom mass flow and pressure instrumentation. Alicat has designed solutions including CODA Coriolis, mass flow controllers, liquid and gas flow meters, liquid and gas flow controllers as well as pressure transducers and controllers.

Fluid Components International (FCI) offers the highest quality industrially designed thermal mass flowmeters, and liquid & gas flow/temperature/level switches using constant power thermal dispersion technology. All of the FCI sensor units have no moving parts, are easy to install and start up, and perform reliably for many years. Standard three (3) year warranty for our industrial flow switches.

FCI equipment is used industry-wide with typical flow monitoring applications for compressed air, hydrogen gas, natural gas, digester gas, nitrogen tank blanketing, HVAC, gas flow switches, liquid flow switches, gas chromatography,
pump protection, air to kilns & boilers, chemical additive injection, flare gas, waste gas burner, pump off control, relief valves, vapor recovery and many more.

Features are:

● No moving parts, line sizes from ¼” and above, optional VORTAB flow conditioner

● 0.75% accuracy, wide product line offering that fits most applications.

● Wide turndown ratio, high pressure and high-temperature applications.

● Wide variety of mounting connections, multiple gas calibrations, and multi-element configurations.

● Global Hazardous Area Approvals, SIL 2, NEMA 4X/IP67.

● Data logging, multiple communication protocols, and in-situ verification calibration.

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Badger Meter Corporation (Data Industrial) impeller flow sensors offer an accurate, repeatable, economical way to measure the flow/BTU of liquids in any size pipe, metallic or non-metallic, from ½” and above in diameter. Transmitters and Flow/BTU Monitors complement the wide range of sensors.

Features are:

● Ease of installation and can be hot-tapped if the line cannot be shut down.

● Variety of wetted materials and wide selection of communication protocols available.

● Easy, low-cost, field repairable, wireless option.

● Option electronics for rate indication and control, BTU metering, and batching.

Badger Meter/Dynasonics offers a complete line of ultrasonic clamp-on, non-invasive, flow meters utilizing transit time, doppler or hybrid flow sensing technology.

Features are:

Non-invasive flow/BTU metering technology.

● No moving parts, ease of installation, cost effective.

● Permanent hard-wired powered and portable battery-powered offerings, submersible rated version.

● Can handle contaminated fluids, high pressure, high temperature, high and low velocity.

● Available from ½” to 120” line sizes, a wide variety of liquids.

● Data logging, multiple communication protocols, wall thickness gauge.

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VORTAB manufactures a complete line of tab-type flow straighteners that provide flow conditioning to ensure reliable flowmeter performance where short metering runs or irregular meter inlet conditions exist. The VORTAB line of flow conditioners are cost-effective and easy to install.

Features are:

● Eliminates swirl and velocity profile distortions.

● 6 Designs to select, custom specials available upon request, 316SS material standard but others available.

● Industry-leading lowest pressure drop, typically in the inches of H2O column.

● Ensures meter accuracy and repeatability.

● Liquid and Gas process applicable.

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