API (Absolute Process Instruments)/Cecomp
API signal conditioners interface process I/O for temperature, voltage, mA analog, potentiometer, signal splitters, frequency I/O, loop isolators, power supplies, P-I converters, load cell amplifiers, and valve positioners. Cecomp is a complete line of digital pressure gauges.


Advanced Energy
Advanced Energy(E2T/LumaSense/Mikron) offers a wide variety of sensors for non-contact temperature measurement applications within the refinery including critical vessel monitoring, reformer tube monitoring, flare/pilot flame monitoring, and sulfur reactor gas temperature monitoring. Solutions include non-contact (fixed and portable) temperature measurement (pyrometers and thermal imagers), blackbody calibration sources, and N.I.S.T. repairs and recalibrations. Let us find a solution for your next challenging application.


Alicat Scientific
Since 1991, Alicat Scientific has manufactured custom mass flow and pressure instrumentation. Alicat has designed solutions including CODA Coriolis, mass flow controllers, liquid and gas flow meters, liquid and gas flow controllers as well as pressure transducers and controllers.


AMA XpertEye
AMA XpertEye is a publisher and integrator of secure productivity applications software and is committed to supporting industrial and R&D customer organizations of all sizes in their digital transformation journey. Our XpertEye suite of applications has been deployed in more than 100 countries, serving diverse use cases such as remote diagnostics, inspections, planning, and workflow management. The basic concept is a form of Hands-Free “Facetime” or “MS TEAMS” remote communication. Our remote interactive collaboration solutions are empowering our customers to boost productivity, expedite issue resolution, and maximize uptime, all while contributing to a reduction in their carbon footprint. General purpose or Intrinsically Safe hardware, recording videos and taking photos, real-time streaming connectivity to users all over the world, creating training content, emergency remote assistance, and inventory management are just a few features and applications.

XE aR: Remote collaboration on any device, using a secured URL in a web browser.

XE aR+: Remote assistance and inspection with smart glasses or 3rd-party devices connected to a smartphone.

XE Proceed: Digitalized work instructions, inspections, procedures, and checklists

XE Schedule: Team appointment management with custom notifications and automated follow-ups


B&W International
Since 1998, B&W International has revolutionized tailor-made rugged cases for every requirement area and sets the standards for reliability, quality, and safety in production. With innovative and individual solutions, the cases guarantee a safe as well as comfortable transport of the high-quality case contents. IP68 submersible rated, Lithium Ion Battery Transportation Solution solution, optional RFID Chip Integration for customer specified documentation such as quick start guides, data sheets, and manuals. Variety of inserts including laser cut specific to customer product, customer-selected foam cutouts or fully adjustable velcro, literature packets, sizes to meet virtually every unique product, removable lids, custom colors, fully customized packages, and custom labels specific to the OEM design.


Expo Technologies
Expo Technologies has been working with the Upstream Oil and Gas sector for more than 5 decades. In an industry where the potential for a major incident is ever present, Expo understands that 100% performance of safety systems is of paramount importance. Thousands of our purge systems perform reliably year after year, with minimal intervention, at hundreds of locations around the globe. As the industry has moved into more extreme environments, Expo has responded by developing special systems that are certified for low- and high-temperature operation. Typical applications for Expo products in Upstream Oil and Gas include: Large Ex e or Ex p electric motors & generators, Electrical control panels, Fire and gas panels, Gas analysers, and Drillers consoles.


Fluid Components International
Thermal Mass flow meters for air and gas, flow switches for air, gas, liquid and slurry, VORTAB flow conditioners for limited straight-run applications of air, gas liquid and slurry. FCI products are designed for rugged industrial applications, operate at up to 850°F [454°C] process temperature, and are available with both integral and remote electronics (up to 1000 feet). Global approval for hazardous area locations and enclosures with NEMA 4X/IP67 rating is standard. Approvals include FM, FMc, ATEX, IECEx, InMetro, and GOST-R.


Ideal Calibrations
Ideal Calibration offers a variety of industrial personal gas detectors and calibration gas for fixed and portable gas detectors. Solutions include new and used portable gas detectors. Calibration gas and accessories for fixed and portable detectors. Repair and calibration service of portable gas detectors. Replacement portable gas detector sensors. Wide variety of gas detector brands including Industrial Scientific, Honeywell BW Technologies, MSA, Honeywell RAE Systems, GFG, B & W International Cases, RIK Instruments, and Teledyne GMI.


ITT Neo-DYNITT offers a large selection of pressure and temperature mechanical switches for industrial, sanitary, and OEM usage. Solutions include hazardous areas or general purposes, SPDT or DPDP, wide selection of additional features. $1 million of stock inventory in Michigan for quick delivery.


Keller America
Keller America is a world-leading manufacturer of level and pressure measurement instrumentation. Their state-of-the-art facility is located in Newport News, Virginia, and provides manufacturing and support for the North American market. Keller America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keller AG fur Druckmesstechnik in Winterthur, Switzerland. Founded by Hans W. Keller in 1974, Keller continues to provide innovative pressure measurement technologies to applications around the world.


LJ Star
LJ Star manufactures the No. 1 selling fused sight glass window, installed in more plants around the world than any other brand. A unique combination of metal and glass formulas makes Metaglass sight glasses 4.5x stronger than comparable products. The results are superior safety, a wider operating range, and a long, worry-free service life. Sanitary and Industrial process connections, visual flow indicators, sight glass lights, process vessel cameras, hygienic bubble traps, gauge glass, and a variety of sight glass accessories.


L&J Technologies
The L&J Engineering division has been providing highly accurate level products used to monitor, manage, and control the bulk level serving the Petroleum and Pipeline industries since 1976. Solutions include radar level, servo level, and independent high-level overfill alarm protection systems for tank farm monitoring. The Shand & Jurs division has been manufacturing industrial tank equipment since 1922. Solutions include conservation vents, flame and detonation arresters, gauge hatch/manholes, water drain valves, specialty valves, and vapor recovery systems.


Metrix Instrument Company
API 670 compliant solutions to monitor plant-wide critical assets for machinery health protection as it relates to vibration and temperature. Our proximity systems can monitor axial rotation, position, speed, and thrust. Pump and cooling tower protection via seismic switches, transmitters, and transducers. Reciprocating compressor sensors to measure seismic, impact, rod drop and temperature. Simple 4-20 mA outputs and dynamic raw signal waveform data from virtually every sensor, transmitter, or driver that we offer.


MTL Instruments
With over 40 years of experience, MTL Instruments has the expertise and product portfolio to offer expert advice and help optimize the performance, efficiency, and operational challenges of your installation. Whether you are upstream or downstream – onshore or offshore – floating or submerged, MTL has the certified products to keep your assets safe in the hazardous area. Products include I.S. Barriers, HART Interfacing, Process Alarm Equipment, Industrial Security, Surge Protection, HMI and Visualization, Industrial Wireless, Fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet, Gas Analyzers, Process I/O and Signal Conditioning.


At NOSHOK, we pride ourselves on being innovators in the industry by continually offering the latest technology and measurement solutions and providing the best customer support in the marketplace. Established in 1967, NOSHOK was one of the first companies to offer liquid-filled pressure gauges. We also took a bold step by backing our quality gauges with an extended 3-year warranty. That unwavering standard of quality has endured for over 50 years, and as we have expanded our product offering we continue to provide industry-leading warranties. NOSHOK also leads the industry as one of the first companies to offer corrosion-resistant zinc nickel plating standards on our carbon Steel valves. We have the capacity to put together OEM special designs and private labeling solutions, which are so often hard to find.

Having a massive stock inventory and quick delivery of made-to-order items is a key feature to consider NOSHOK solutions for your application needs.

Products include the following: Liquid filled pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, bimetal thermometers, remote thermometers, RTDs, needle valves, manifold valves, King Filters, differential pressure gauges, digital indicators, pressure and level transducers, hazardous area transducers, pressure switches, and sanitary transducers.


Precision Digital
Established in 1974, Precision Digital Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and distributes digital devices driven to embedded systems that transform, display and control critical process information. Their products can be located virtually anywhere in the plant, from the control room to Class 1, Div. 1 areas; they will accept virtually any analog signal such as 4-20 mA, thermocouple, RTD DC voltage and pulse as well as serial data. Products include Digital Panel Meters, Industrial Wireless Systems, PID Process and Temperature Controllers, Annunciators, Multi-Channel Controllers, Loop-powered Meters, Flow Rate and Totalizers, Batch Controllers, Flow Computers and Pump Controllers.


Established in 1983, Sensidyne is a premier provider of fixed gas detection and air sampling instrumentation. Sensidyne provides products to a broad range of process, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries including oil & gas, power, chemical, mining, industrial gases, semiconductor, metals, water, and wastewater facilities around the world. Our sensors include Electro Chemical, Catalytic Bead, IR, PID, UV/IR for open-path gas detection and flame detection. Additional features include alarm annunciators, multi-channel controllers, wireless, Ethernet, Modbus, and dual-channel detectors.