L & J Engineering/Shand & Jurs manufacturers a wide selection of process tank venting pressure/vacuum relief devices and tank level device instrumentation. The tank fitting equipment includes conservation vents, emergency vents, deflagration arresters, flame arresters, detonation arresters, water drain valves, free vents, FRP vents and hatches, internal safety valves, pilot operated relief valves, pressure & vacuum vents, pressure vents, tank blanketing and vapor recovery, vacuum vents. The tank level equipment includes cost –effective, highly precise and innovative level gauging solutions. We specialize in non-contact radar, servo and float & tape gauges. L&J offers the widest variety of application specific level gauging solutions on the market.

Features includes:

● Expanda-Seal which is the industry leading pallet assembly offering to allow the minimal amount of emission release.

● Insulation jackets to provide heat retention for equipment in cold weather environments.

● Widest selection of wetted material to provide longest product cycle life.

● FRP and PVC designs for highly corrosive service with toxic chemicals.

● Competitively priced and quick delivery put Shand & Jurs product at our customer’s site when need is critical.

● Independent wireless or wired, self-checking, Hi, Hi-Hi level alarm indication for overflow/spill protection.

● Process Tank Radar Level with + 3mm Accuracy, Storage Tank Radar Level with + 1mm Accuracy.

● Inventory Management, Touch Screen HMI, to monitor up to 1000 tanks on 32 loops, S.M.A.R.T. Diagnostics.

● Supports Non-L&J Gauges and Protocols, Multi-Server/ Multi-Client/Multi-Field/Multi-Vendor.

For more information, visit the L and J Technologies website at www.ljtechnologies.com