Advanced Energy (Mikron/E2T/LumaSense) offers a dynamic mix of non-contact temperature measurement products including spot pyrometers, thermal imagers, and black body calibration sources. We have solutions to meet the highest demand of accuracy, repeatability, hazardous area environment, long distance measurement, small spot size, and fast response time applications. We also have solutions that are the most economically priced, general purpose, quick delivery, OEM design packages. We cover a broad range of markets that include oil & gas, steel, glass, chemical, automotive, coke battery, HVAC, OEM, energy transmission and distribution, university R&D, power generation, plastic forming, solar, semiconductor, medical, emission monitoring, aerospace and agricultural.

Features includes:

● Pyrometers (Fixed and Portable,) Fixed Thermal Imagers, spectral wavelength from .85 to 8-14 µM.

● SRU Gas and Checker Wall Temperature, Flare Stack Flame Temperature Monitoring, Transformer and Substation Monitoring, SF6 Detection and Monitoring.

● Critical Vessel Monitoring, Hydrogen Reformer, Boiler Spectron Tube Efficiency, Furnace Gas Exit Temperature (FGET), Furnace Spectron.

● Torpedo Car/ Ladle Hot Spot Detection, Conveyor Hot Spot Detection, Coal Hot Spot Detection.

● Widest selection of blackbody calibration sources in the industry.

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ITT Neo-DYN manufactures a complete line of mechanical temperature and pressure gauges. These gauges are used in a variety of applications to provide real time protection of critical assets.

Features includes:

● $1 million of stock inventory in Michigan, ready to ship out the same day, local set-point calibration available.

● General purpose or EX rated, EX or general purpose, direct mount or capillary mounted, long cycle life.

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Fluid Components International manufactures line thermal dispersion flow/level/temperature switches. These switches are used in a variety of applications to provide real time protection of critical assets.

Features includes:

● EX rated or general purpose, SIL 2, application for air/gas/liquid/slurry, temperature compensated.

● Industrial, sanitary, digital, analyzer sample draw, high temperature, exotic materials of construction.

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