Metrix Instrument Company manufactured the first 4-20mA vibration transmitter for industrial application usage and currently offers a dynamic line of vibration equipment to measure, monitor and provide early warning of potential machinery failures as well as provide personal protection for plant personnel and critical assets.

The product line includes vibration switches, vibration transmitters, vibration sensors, vibration transducers, DPS proximity probes, DPS drivers, DPS extension cables, impact sensors, alarm monitors, portable shakers and portable meters for turbo machinery, turbines, cooling towers, compressors, pumps, motors and gearboxes.

Metrix Vibration Solutions can be found on industrial applications within chemical, power generation, oil refineries, gas processing, paper, centrifuges, air separation and steel production facilities that require our ISO 9 Vibration solutions have a strong focus on providing quality solutions for machine condition monitoring.

Features are:

Explosion-proof and weatherproof enclosures available

● Wide variety of product certifications

● Worldwide support through U.S. Distributors and factory sales and service offices

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