AMA XpertEye
AMA XpertEye is a publisher and integrator of secure productivity applications software and is committed to supporting industrial and R&D customer organizations of all sizes in their digital transformation journey. Our XpertEye suite of applications has been deployed in more than 100 countries, serving diverse use cases such as remote diagnostics, inspections, planning, and workflow management. The basic concept is a form of Hands-Free “Facetime” or “MS TEAMS” remote communication. Our remote interactive collaboration solutions are empowering our customers to boost productivity, expedite issue resolution, and maximize uptime, all while contributing to a reduction in their carbon footprint. General purpose or Intrinsically Safe hardware, recording videos and taking photos, real-time streaming connectivity to users all over the world, creating training content, emergency remote assistance, and inventory management are just a few features and applications.

XE aR: Remote collaboration on any device, using a secured URL in a web browser.

XE aR+: Remote assistance and inspection with smart glasses or 3rd-party devices connected to a smartphone.

XE Proceed: Digitalized work instructions, inspections, procedures, and checklists

XE Schedule: Team appointment management with custom notifications and automated follow-ups


B&W International
Since 1998, B&W International has revolutionized tailor-made rugged cases for every requirement area and sets the standards for reliability, quality, and safety in production. With innovative and individual solutions, the cases guarantee a safe as well as comfortable transport of the high-quality case contents. IP68 submersible rated, Lithium Ion Battery Transportation Solution solution, optional RFID Chip Integration for customer specified documentation such as quick start guides, data sheets, and manuals. Variety of inserts including laser cut specific to customer product, customer-selected foam cutouts or fully adjustable velcro, literature packets, sizes to meet virtually every unique product, removable lids, custom colors, fully customized packages, and custom labels specific to the OEM design.


Cecomp digital pressure gauges are offered with a variety of builds to meet specific industry, OEM and integrator design needs. Cecomp does offer a Sani Gauge Series of digital pressure gauges with 3A approval. The Sani Gauge series can be battery powered or hard line powered, 4-20 mA loop powered, alarms and retransmission output. The Sani Gauge is popular amongst food processing, food packaging, dairy, breweries and pharmaceuticals.


Expo Technologies
Pharmaceutical manufacturers invest huge sums in drug research and development. Once a formulation moves to volume manufacture, product quality and repeatability between batches are critical, and throughput must be maintained. Expo supports pharmaceutical manufacturing through the design and manufacture of integration hardware for process analytical technology (PAT). Working with OEMs and end users, Expo helps enable PAT for critical real-time process monitoring for both product development and large-scale manufacturing. Additionally, many pharmaceutical manufacturing processes use large quantities of flammable materials, both powders and liquids. Hence hazardous area technologies are required widely across facilities, from incoming bulk material handling, through processing equipment, to packaging and labeling.

For analytical equipment such as portable spectrometers, computer workstations and label printers, protection by purge and pressurization (Ex p) typically using enclosures is an ideal solution. Typical applications for Expo products in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing include: PAT probe holders and sampling systems, Hazardous area protection of process control and online analytical systems, and Hazardous area protection of computers and printers


FCI (Fluid Components International)
FCI supplies industrial/commercial equipment and machinery and control system designers with a diverse and technical range of requirements for flow and level sensing products. FCI provides sanitary mass flow meters for air and gas applications, sanitary flow and level switches for air, gas, liquid and slurry applications. Features include non-moving parts, high accuracy, fast responding, wide flow range, line size for ¼” to 60”, ultra-low flow sensitivity, wide process temperature and pressure ranges.


ITT Neon-DYN manufactures a complete line of mechanical pressure and temperature gauges. These gauges are used in a variety of applications to provide real-time protection of critical assets. ITT offers a sanitary pressure switch that is field adjustable, intended for low to medium pressure applications, tri-clamp compatible, and polished of 9-11 micro inch RA finish.


LJ Star
LJ Star offers a complete line of sanitary process observation equipment for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. Sanitary products include visual flow indicators, sight glass windows, high-pressure in-line connections, clamps, bubble traps, LED lights, fiber optic lights, hygienic camera systems, and precision hygienic clamps.


MTL Instruments
MTL Instruments offers a wide selection of intrinsically safe panel meters for your hazardous area application requirements.

Features include:
● MTL GECMA offers a workstation that is built with the highest quality standardized and individually certified components that are packed full of innovative features to allow safe maintenance in hazardous areas.

● MTL GECMA units are used in the strictest of hygienic conditions and aggressive production environments such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, biotech, food & beverage manufacturing, offshore, life sciences and the oil & gas industries.


At NOSHOK, we pride ourselves on being innovators in the industry by continually offering the latest technology and measurement solutions and providing the best customer support in the marketplace. Established in 1967, NOSHOK was one of the first companies to offer liquid-filled pressure gauges. We also took a bold step by backing our quality gauges with an extended 3-year warranty. That unwavering standard of quality has endured for over 50 years, and as we have expanded our product offering we continue to provide industry-leading warranties. NOSHOK also leads the industry as one of the first companies to offer corrosion-resistant zinc nickel plating standards on our carbon Steel valves. We have the capacity to put together OEM special designs and private labeling solutions, which are so often hard to find.

Having a massive stock inventory and quick delivery of made-to-order items is a key feature to consider NOSHOK solutions for your application needs.

Products include the following: Liquid filled pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, bimetal thermometers, remote thermometers, RTDs, needle valves, manifold valves, King Filters, differential pressure gauges, digital indicators, pressure and level transducers, hazardous area transducers, pressure switches, and sanitary transducers.