Sensidyne is a leading provider of air monitoring solutions in the fields of worker safety, loss prevention and air quality. Founded in 1983 and operating out of St. Petersburg Florida, Sensidyne offers a wide selection of gas detection solutions that are robust and reliable in build and design.

Features includes:

● Sensing Technologies include catalytic bead, electro chemical, IR, PID, UV-IR open path, electro optical flame.

● Detection of combustible and toxic gases, detection of oxygen deficiency and enrichment.

● High accuracy, repeatability, reliability, even in the most difficult applications.

● Sample Draw systems for challenging detection applications.

● Wireless, Single and Dual sensing detectors, remote sensing capabilities, battery powered.

● Single and multi-channel controllers, analog, relay, MODbus and ethernet.

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Ideal Calibration offers a variety of industrial personal gas detectors and calibration gas for fixed and portable gas detectors. Solutions include new and used portable gas detectors. Calibration gas and accessories for fixed and portable detectors. Repair and calibration service of portable gas detectors. Replacement portable gas detector sensors. Wide variety of gas detector brands including Industrial Scientific, Honeywell BW Technologies, MSA, Honeywell RAE Systems, GFG, B & W International Cases, RIK Instruments and Teledyne GMI.

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