The Role of an Intrinsically Safe Barrier

Metrix ST5484E Velocity Transmitter
Metrix ST5484E Velocity Transmitter

An intrinsically safe barrier is a type of isolation equipment that protects electrical devices. Such devices can include gas or fire detectors and other types of alarms that are used in hazardous areas. This safety feature protects the device from power surges. Let’s learn more about this safety feature’s important role.

How Do Intrinsically Safe Barriers Work?

According to the experts at MTL Instruments, there are three main components to this type of safety circuit. These are the field device, the barrier, and the field wiring. This safety feature works by preventing power surges on devices that might have a hazardous source of ignition. This is often found in the sphere where explosive gases might be present. The safety feature is also sometimes called Galvanic isolation.

The barrier splits the input and output of the equipment so that power flows through electrical connectors. The main point of this device is to isolate so that hazardous situations can be avoided. It can cause a split in an emergency situation where a split is normally not present.

Achieving physical separation between the input and output is essential during a power surge so that ignition does not occur. This is of utmost importance on devices such as alarms that would signal gas leaks. If there were a gas leak and a power surge simultaneously, the power surge could cause an ignition in the location of the leaked gas and cause an explosion. Also, the barrier uses capacitors, transformers, and relays to assist with the job of isolation. It is a simple investment that should be made for the safety of many work environments.

Understanding Safety and Compliance

Depending on the industry, intrinsically safe barriers may be required in order to stay within local, and/or federal regulations. You will need to check the regulations for your particular industry and business.

If you fail to stay in compliance with safety regulations, you might face serious fines and penalties. In some cases, businesses can be shut down temporarily until they are back in compliance. You can avoid these problems by making sure you have the right safety equipment installed for your machines and systems.

If you are in need of Intrinsically safety equipment, please contact our team at I & C Sales North today to discuss how MTL Instruments can best meet your application requirements. We can ensure your business is in compliance with your industry’s safety regulations. We look forward to working with you!